Regionally, in Western Canada and on both sides of the border, Jim has made a significant impact on the reining horse industry. He is a multiple Futurity and Derby Finalist and Champion who has proven time and time again that he has what it takes to help horses and people.


Jim has proven his method in countless clinics and show pens across North America.  There is no doubt that Jim is a trainer who can really “get a horse shown." On the international stage, Jim can now say that many of those who were his idols are now his rivals. Always ready to learn from others, Jim continues to ride with some of the industry’s best trainers in order to further his knowledge every year. Jim expects a very high standard of performance from himself and his horses. He has timing and balance that many will never achieve. This uncanny ability has allowed him to rise quickly and consistently over the years to become one of the top reining trainers in Western Canada, achieving success on Arabs, Half Arabs and Quarter Horses. He didn’t end up at this level of excellence by accident. Since his start in the Porcupine Hills of Southern Alberta, Jim has taken everything taught to him and elevated it to the next level, moving himself and his horses up through the industry quickly. Often, Jim can tease out a level of ability from a horse that others are not able to find.


Donna started as a client of Jim’s many years ago and joined Jim Greendyk Performance Horses to manage the office in October 2017. Donna brings strong organizational skills to the team, helps out with the CSS Equestrian program, and also works around the barn as needed. She loves to further her knowledge of all things “horse” and thus became a Therapeutic Riding Coach. More than anything Donna enjoys taking her horses on the trails and will often convince clients to join her while their horse is in training. Donna and her husband Gregg enjoy living on their acreage, they have 3 sons and 2 horses.

Hubert Heule

Hubert Heule, an NRHA judge, has been involved in the reining horse industry for more than 20 years spanning 3 continents. With a background of operating equestrian training/breeding facilities in the USA, Europe and South America he has trained horses and riders with consistent results. Including staring the careers of many successful show horses such as Mr. Masota Star, Cee Mr Stop and Mr Royal Hollywood. In 2014, as manager of HDC Quarter Horses, he achieved NRHA #1 Owner and has managed the careers of top stallions Arc Gunnabeabigstar and Steppin On Sparks. Hubert is an international competitor notably representing the Netherlands at the World Equestrian Games 2011 + 2018 and becoming Congress Ltd Open Champion. 

Hubert Heule is a lifelong horseman, NRHA Judge and reining trainer with an exceptional reputation as an honest and long term partner to help you reach your goals.  

Heule Reining Horses operates at the beautiful Cornerstone Performance Ranch in Abbotsford BC. 

This Reining Masterclass has grown out of constant reminder that so many people don't have easy access to real reining help. Everywhere Jim has travelled as a clinician, the one question he continually gets asked is when he will move closer and help the local population with their reining horses. His delivery of age old ideas, plus the ideas and developments that he's  worked through in his own 20 year program, come across differently than so many others. This continual question and his personal desire do the best for everyone has driven him to create this program just for you!

Jim has poured his heart and soul into this Reining Masterclass to solve this problem for you. This is the way he can be your coach and share all his ideas with you and your horse. This program is the heart and soul of what Jim does and it's the meat and bones of creating a horse that is willingly guided with little or no apparent resistance. This program will start with the very process he uses himself and will guide you through all the details, exercises and drills for reiners. Jim finishes the course with show pen and warm up pen etiquette plus special features from an NRHA Judge so you can be sure to nail the maneuvers and score big. This program will take you from backyard rider to someone who is comfortable in the show pen and warm up pen. At the very least you'll be able to step into a professional reining barn and feel at home when you find a trainer. This program is no holds barred. You'll see EVERYTHING.

This exclusive Reining Masterclass will open the curtains on everything you've ever wanted to know about reining. Jim will personally take you on a journey through the reining horse world, demystifying a lot of things as you go. There is always more and once you're in, you're always part of the Jim Greendyk Performance Horses family. We will keep going and bring you new content and additional courses. 

If you've always dreamed about being better and you're working everyday to improve yourself, your knowledge base and, most  importantly, your horse....this is the course for you! Your favourite horse only has so many years in him to be an athlete, you only have so many years to be the best. It's a simple fact.. Life goes too fast to worry about what happens next.

Jim will take you very smoothly from Sideline to Headline in a sport you both LOVE!

Welcome to the Reining Masterclass!!

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